Corporate Profile

Corporate profile

QMX Gold Corporation is a Canadian-based mineral exploration and development mining company.  The Company’s operations and strategic investments are located in the Abitibi District of Quebec and the Snow Lake District of Manitoba.

The success of an exploration operation depends on three critical factors:

  1. the prospectivity of the property location
  2. the amount of drilling that will take place
  3. the people managing and interpreting the data.

QMX has all these necessary ingredients to find large deposits of both gold and base metals in one of the most favourable jurisdictions for developing mines in the world.  The province of Quebec is rated the #1 location in the world for mining by the Fraser Institute.

The Abitibi District of Quebec is one of the two gold “hot spots” in North America (the other being Nevada-Western Utah), and historically the 3rd richest gold producing region in the world.  This region has been the birth place of many current and past major Canadian mining and exploration companies. The majority of the world’s recent discoveries have been made in these regions.

The Snow Lake region, a significant historical producing area, features the McLeod Road Thrust Fault and has been home to many mining companies since 1949 when the first Nor-Acme Gold Mine was opened.


Alexis was originally incorporated under the name First Discovery Holdings Inc., under the laws of British Columbia on August 8, 1988, by registration of its Memorandum and Articles with the British Columbia Registrar of Companies.

December 20, 1996: First Discovery Holdings Inc. changed its name to Alexis Resources Ltd. and increased its authorized share capital from 10,000 to 100,000,000 common shares without par value.

January 10, 1997: Alexis Resources Ltd. adopted new Articles by filing a special resolution with the Registrar of Companies for British Columbia.

April 7, 1998: Alexis Resources Ltd. consolidated its common shares on a two-to-one basis and altered its post consolidation authorized share capital to consist of 100,000,000 common shares without par value.

December 15, 1999:  the shares of Alexis Resources Ltd. were listed on the Canadian Venture Exchange.

June 4, 2003: Alexis Resources Ltd. changed its name to Alexis Minerals Corporation, consolidated its common shares on a three-to-one basis and altered its post consolidation authorized share capital to consist of 100,000,000 common shares without par value.

February 16, 2004: Alexis Minerals Corporation filed Articles of Continuance pursuant to section 180 of the Business Corporation’s Act (Ontario) (“OBCA”) to continue the company from British Columbia under the provisions of the OBCA.

March 1, 2004: Alexis Minerals Corporation amended its Articles to increase its authorized share capital to an unlimited number of common shares without par value.

August 27, 2007: Alexis Minerals Corporation graduated from the TSX Venture Exchange to the Toronto Stock Exchange trading with the symbol “AMC”.

October 29, 2009: Alexis Minerals Corporation entered into a definitive support agreement to acquire all the remaining outstanding shares of Garson Gold.

January 15, 2010: Alexis Minerals Corporation acquired over 90% of Garson Gold shares. Subsequently, on April 29, 2010 Alexis completed the purchase of Garson Gold Corporation by acquiring all remaining Garson shares under a plan of arrangement. The New Britannia Mine was renamed the Snow Lake Mine.

February 19, 2010: Alexis Minerals starts trading on the OTCQX under the symbol AXSMF

November 24, 2010: Alexis options property around the Snow Lake mine expanding the property by 38 sq. km. and obtaining an additional 33 mineral claims.

April 5, 2011: Alexis enters into a landmark agreement to purchase 100% ownership of properties held with Xtrata Copper (originally signed in 2004). Subsequently, this agreement closed on August 3, 2011.

June 26, 2012: Alexis changes its name to QMX Gold Corporation